Sports Wizard®
Unlocking the Qualitative world, Sports Wizard® provides new sporting insights never before seen in sport.
What We Do
We are experts in Qualitative Analytics and our Programs extend across all sports, from Football to AFL, Cricket, Basketball and Rugby.
The 'Why' and ‘How'
Sports Wizard® is a new dimension from the traditional ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’ in sport.
Solving the greatest unknown
Sports Wizard® solves the greatest unknown to coaches - the qualitative - including Momentum and Decision-Making capabilities
A proven elite force
Sports Wizard®'s breakthrough models and methodologies have attracted some of the biggest sporting names in Australia and overseas

Sports Wizard® is the world leader in Qualitative sport science through patented Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA)

Through its own research and development, Sports Wizard® has made a global breakthrough into a new field of measuring elite sports performance, using qualitative analysis and measurement alongside a unique methodology known as Behavioural Analytics.

GameChanger® Online Coaches Program

Qualitative Analytics gives Coaches ‘New Data’ - don’t be the last to know! → Do you need to know during a game: Who is more likely to win the game? Why and when your opponents are most vulnerable? → Do you need to control the momentum of the game? → Do you need to know the decision-making capabilities of your players and opponents for training, selection and game play?   → How does an understanding of Player Intensity enhance Team Performance?   → What if you were able to measure your team's and your opponents' readiness to perform?

Ron Smith - The Football Centre

The go-to resource for coaches of every level...
Dr Ron Smith is Sports Wizard®'s Head of Football and is a globally-renowned coach with more than 40 years' experience at the top level. Now Ron is helping football coaches and players to be more effective in their learning and practical application through the Football Centre. Visit the site for quality content related to coaching skills, general football knowledge and player behaviour. Members also get interactive training content to help run practical drills and sessions. Download the mobile application or head to for more information.

Mark Edmondson - Peak Performance Coach and Sports Wizard® Consultant

How I made it to the very top in Rugby League...
Sports Peak Performance Coach and Sports Wizard® Consultant, Mark Edmondson, is a former professional rugby league player and England International. Edmondson was a multiple rugby league champion and played professionally for 12 years, reaching the highest level in the sport representing English Super League champions, St Helens, and Australian NRL champions, Sydney City Roosters.

"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else does and thinking something different."

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi