Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA)

Qualitative as distinct from Quantitative (i.e. statistics) describes actual human performance = patterns, trends, decisions and behaviours in play…the actual intentions and outcomes of play…the causes of things…the ‘why’ and ‘how’ – not the ‘what’ ‘where’ and ‘when’ of statistics.

Qualitative includes – unmeasured, unstructured, unnumbered, intuitive, patterns, trends, decisions under pressure…and comprises ‘Lead Indicators’ rather than ‘Lag Indicators’ from statistics

Analytics is the latest methodology to measure performance – for example, by taking point to point in an event, say from the start to finish of a game, from finish of a game to start of next

Sports Wizard® uniquely uses Behavioural Analytics to identify, interpret, analyse, assess and measure the Qualitative world! It’s thus possible to design and build a Qualitative team –just like a Qualitative Moneyball!

Qualitative Metrics (not Quantitative statistics) are actually more accurate than the scoreboard!