Who We Are

Tony Charge

Managing Director, Inventor and Author
Tony is a global thought-leader in Behavioural Analytics - a new area of Qualitative Measurement - applied to business and sport, which includes the study and application of Decision-Making, Momentum, Team Dynamics and Qualitative Performance Intelligence. As Managing Director of Sports Wizard®, Behavioural Analytics have been successfully applied to national and international sports and sporting events including the Olympics. Coaches around the world have said Behavioural Analytics particularly Decision-Making solves their greatest unknowns. Sports Wizard® is now expanding into the global elite sporting world.

Mark Sessarago

Acting Chairman, Non-Executive Director
Mark Sessarago is a former international Rugby League player with Italy and is a partner of the Cambio Group. Mark is CPA qualified, providing Accounting, Taxation & Business Advisory Services for over sixteen years to a diverse client base across various business groups throughout Australia. Mark is a board member of various companies and associations in Australia and has vast experience in the commercial space. Alongside that sits Mark's powerful sports network of contacts and connections and he is a Non-Executive Director for Sports Wizard®.  

Darren O'Shaughnessy

Chief Information Officer
As Chief Information Officer, Darren has more than 17 years’ experience in developing science-based IT products across a variety of platforms. He was the Chief IT Architect with Champion Data for a decade and now has his own consultancy business, Ranking Software, which focuses on modelling and software development. Sports Wizard® now has that expertise within its own walls, to help guide the company’s technological directions.

Ron Smith

Head of Football (Soccer)
As an elite football coach, Ron has produced some of the finest talent to don the Socceroos jersey during his time as AIS football boss, including Mark Viduka and Josip Skoko, amongst many more. Having also worked a number of coaching and technical roles in the A-League, with Australia and overseas, Ron now operates The Football Centre, with a focus on football and coaching education, and is Sports Wizard®’s Head of Football.

Carrie Graf

Head of Basketball
Carrie Graf is the Canberra Capitals' successful basketball coach ever. Leading the Canberra Capitals, Carrie has won seven championships and turned the ACT-based Club into the most successful elite women’s sporting team in the country. During her time with the Australian Opals, Carrie led the team through a 3-0 clean sweep in the Brazil Fairwell Series last year and then won Bronze at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Now concentrating on her work with the Capitals, Carrie has been working with Sports Wizard® and is the organisation’s Head of Basketball.

John Buchanan

Head of Cricket
As the most successful coach in the Australian Cricket team’s history, John has built a global reputation as an innovative leader in the sport. He has coached at State, National and International level. John was recently New Zealand Cricket’s Director of Cricket and through his own venture, Buchanan Success Coaching, delivers coaching content, seminars lectures and online curriculum for creating, managing and leading high performance teams. John has joined Sports Wizard® as a Consultant.

Professor Keith Lyons

Independent Consultant
Keith Lyons is a globally respected sporting academic, whose work goes back to an involvement in physical education and sport beginning in the mid-1970s. He has worked in schools, higher education and international sport in the United Kingdom and Australia, joining the Australian Institute of Sport in 2002 as the founding Co-ordinator of the Performance Analysis Unit and then head of the newly-formed Department of Biomechanics and Performance Analysis in January 2006. In 2009, Keith was appointed the founding Director of the National Institute of Sport Studies at the University of Canberra before moving to his current post of Professor of Sport Studies at the University in December 2012. As a renowned expert in qualitative research and methodology – particularly in the sporting space – Keith is now Independent Consultant for Sports Wizard®.