• OrganicsTM  Program

    To succeed and then stay at the top, sports and clubs must take both a strategic and integrated approach to Capability and Culture…the right Foundation. Unless realised and actioned, sports and clubs wonder why they never get there! Organics™ unlocks the mystery and offers pathways and solutions to achieve fully integrated, strategic and sustained success.
  • InsightTM  Match Preparation

    Even the best coaches aren’t always sure how their team will turn up to play and whether they have assessed the opposition correctly. Insight™ takes the guess-work out by measuring comparative Team Value and more. Insight™ provides a comparative starting position to support each game plan.
  • Live Real-Time Game OnTM

    Read the real game in real time. Discover why the game is being won or lost, enabling knowledge in how and why to intervene during a game– Sports Wizard® uses Qualitative Metrics and KPIs to give you the answers in real time that others only see after the game!
  • The Decision-Making Model

    Advised by national and international coaches to be the ‘greatest unknown’ in sport – how to explain players’ decisions and know what they will do – the breakthrough Sports Wizard® Decision-Making Program identifies players’ capabilities to make decisions under pressure – influencing team strategies and selections.
  • Momentum

    Momentum is thought by some to be a myth. Not us. Sports Wizard® identifies the instant it occurs, how to maintain it, how to trigger it and how to stop opposition Momentum! The answer is Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA), not mathematical models!