What We Do

Sport and Club Coaching Support Programs (from State/Territory level to Olympic and World Championships)

  • Improving Club Organics™ or Dynamics which underpins High Performance;
  • Measuring and Maximising the Value of Match Preparation;
  • Embedding the Principles of Momentum into your team – how to trigger, maintain and stop opposition Momentum;
  • Understanding your Players Decision-Making Capabilities and how that impacts their performance in different aspects of play –  and what you can do about it; and
  • Live data feed to coaches during games of new and unique Qualitative KPIs such as Player Intensity Ratings, Team Work Rate Performance, Transition Effectiveness, Scoring Potential and much more

Coaching Education

  • Personal Development 101 of Coaches in Qualitative High-Performance programs;
  • Master Classes in Qualitative High-Performance programs eg entire coaching team in a club; and
  • Problem solving through Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA)