Academy of Qualitative Analytics


The world of professional qualifications and accreditation has been transformed by ubiquitous access to digital resources.

At Sports Wizard® we are mindful of the affordances of Web 3.0 to enable digital convergence in macro-, meso-, and micro-learning opportunities (Hug, Bruck and Lindner, 2006).

To this end, we have established an Academy of Qualitative Analytics (AQA) to connects us with a world of continuing professional learning. We see this as a great way to share qualitative analytics with a range of industry groups and tertiary education institutions.


AQA will bring together practitioners, researchers and educationalists interested in qualitative analytics to promote research, qualification and accreditation.

We believe that qualitative analytics apply to all sectors of society. AQA has a particular focus on academic inquiry, elite sport performance, human intelligence, business and military application.

AQA is founded on the concepts and principles of Qualitative Analytics 5.0 developed from patented intellectual property owned by Sports Wizard® and granted to AQA in a restricted licence.

AQA is based in Canberra, Australia and available globally, initially, through the Sports Wizard® website. It is headed by a President supported by Deans, Associate Deans, Fellows and Members with its own administration unit.

AQA proposes to:

    • Research, develop and publish on matters related to the evolution of Qualitative
      Analytics as disciplined inquiry and practice with distinctive epistemological foundations and ontological approaches.


    • Explore and enter relationships or partnerships with academia, corporate, government, and professional bodies.


    • Consider the relationships and dependencies between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in order to explore the potential of Intelligence Augmentation to provide decision support.


At the outset, AQA will assure four levels of accreditation in Qualitative Analytics.

AQA will publish a Charter of Admissions and Professional Standards.