Sports Wizard® Testimonials

"I've never seen anything like Sports Wizard®. The Work Rate and Intensity modelling is invaluable and the Momentum model has huge application."
Carrie Graf applied Sports Wizard® programs in her basketball coaching. The video shares some of her experiences.

Josip Skoko

Association Football
"Sports Wizard® has brought a new dimension to football. The support they provide to identify momentum and players’ decision-making capabilities as well as using qualitative indicators, is going to change football coaching and understanding around the world."

Ron Smith

Technical Analyst, & Head of Football, Sports Wizard®
“Sports Wizard® has changed the way I have looked at Football for 30 years - it's amazing."

Neil Balme

Australian Rules Football
“In time every coach in the world will need to know this. Like having ten coaches lined up looking at every aspect of the qualitative side of the game and shows how to integrate the knowledge and produce analysis in real time.”

Carrie Graf

Coach, Canberra Capitals, former Coach, Australian Opals & Head of Basketball, Sports Wizard®
"Certainly the Team Organics™ as it relates to building team dynamics and a successful team on court has been highly beneficial. They have also worked with some of our emerging talent athletes in key areas of decision making, which we feel are important for selecting athletes and their future development."

Eddie Jones

Rugby Union
“I have searched the world for a qualitative system and found nothing – when can you start?”

Natalie Hurst

"There is nothing like Sports Wizard® in Europe. I’m learning a lot! Sports Wizard® is changing the game and I love the Momentum model."    

Tony Charge

Managing Director, Sports Wizard®
“Sports Wizard® produces ‘wow’ from every coach and fan who knows about it. It has universal application and will revolutionise sports measurement.”

Many coaches and sports experts, who experience Sports Wizard®, end up wanting to work with us.